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What kind of fees can you expect?


PLEASE NOTE:  My physical address is 618 SE 4th Street, Lee's Summit Missouri 64063.                                                                                                                                      My mailing address is 614 SE 4th Street, Suite 202, Lee's Summit Missouri 64063.   Same building but GPS doesn't recognize 614.

My office phone number is 816-702-7788.   You may also text my cell at 913-706-5727 but please provide your name if you text.


You often get what you pay for.  But, not always.  Tired of paying high fees and feeling like you were on a tax preparation conveyor belt?

Or, did you get your taxes done for free somewhere (or by a neighbor) and wonder if it was done correctly...and if anything was missed?

What are you going to do if you get a letter from the IRS or state revenue department?   Letters from revenue departments need to be answered promptly. 

Is this something you feel prepared to handle?

My fees are competitive and reasonable plus I am available year-round by appointment plus by phone and email.   Although I am only open after tax season by appointment, I can be available when you need me.


Fee Estimates

Your tax preparation fee will most likely cost somewhere between $125 and $400.  Since most people don't know the difference between a W2 and a 1099MISC (or how they are reported) I am often told that "I just have two W2 forms" when in reality, one of those forms is actually a 1099MISC.   Having a 1099MISC is much different than having a W2 and the fee for preparing your taxes is going to be higher if you have one.

To keep from having misunderstandings, I no longer give fee estimates.  My average fee runs about $275.  Your fee may be less or it may be more.  Only when I see what tax documention you have and spend time interviewing you to prepare a thorough tax return will I have a clue what your preparation fee will be.   Things that can affect the cost of your tax return are these:  Living in one state but working in another; owing city taxes but these taxes are not withheld; doing contract work; day-trading stocks; moving; taking early distributions from an IRA or 401k; having ACA Marketplace health insurance.
Under the rules of the Affordable Care Act, your tax return is where your health insurance (or lack of) must be reported.  The cost of your tax preparation must also include the forms required to calculate your subsidy repayment or your shared responsibility penalty (the SRP is defunct under the current tax law).    Until I know what your tax return will involve, I will not know the fee.
If you base your decision solely by the lowest-cost provider, you will get what you pay for.    My fees are, in general, lower than what you would pay at a franchise...and yet, I have far more experience and education.    You will get personalized service as well as accurate, complete tax preparation.  I am available via email and phone year round, also, if you have questions or need assistance.
I keep my prices at a level where I am being fairly compensated and my clients are comfortable with what they are getting for their investment.  Because of my dedication to my education, you can trust that your return will be as accurate as possible.
I stand behind my work and I stand between you and IRS.

Hire an Enrolled Agent.  We are smart...and cute.

Payment Options

Payment is due when your tax return is picked up and prior to your return(s) being efiled. 

Payment methods include cash, money order, Paypal, personal or business check and credit/debit.