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Fingerprinting Services

When you need to be fingerprinted, where will you go?  Police stations are less likely these days to accommodate the request; those that do will mostly do live-scan.  If they do offer ink-rolled printing, they may require you provide your own fingerprint card.

I am an experienced fingerprinter offering ink-rolled fingerprinting in my office.  If you need mobile fingerprinting service, please inquire at least 48-hours in advance.

If you need a rush or after-hours appointment, these are at an additional charge.   Call for availability.

I use the widely-accepted standard FBI applicant card #FD-258.  

Fees for Fingerprinting

A full set of fingerprints on an FB-258 (FBI Applicant Card)  is $30.  If you need more than one set of prints, additional sets are $5 each.

 A full-set of prints consists of:  Each finger rolled individually, then both thumbs rolled individually; then each hand with four fingers printed flat; and finally each thumb printed flat.    This fingerprinting process takes 15 - 20 minutes.  

If you are required to be printed at the police station and are required to bring your own blank FB-258 card, the cards are $2 each.   

Mobile Fingerprinting service is also available; kindly give 48-hours advance notice for mobile service.  Fees begin at $75 and includes driving of a radius of up to 5 miles one-way.   Fingerprinting fees are additional to the travel fee.   Payment is required at the time of service.  

During tax season, my availability is limited for mobile fingerprinting.

For Your Convenience!

I am available by appointment only.   Please allow 24-hours notice to be scheduled for fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting can be done in my office or at yours (for an additional travel fee of $50 plus the cost of fingerprinting)

Government-issued picture ID is required for fingerprinting service.  (Drivers License, Passport or Military ID)

Please call 913-268-9430

or email