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PLEASE NOTE:  I have vacated the office at 614 SE 4th Street Suite 202 in Lee's Summit and am now a home-based tax office. 

My public address is:  312 SW Greenwich Drive Suite 1654, Lee's Summit MO 64082 but this is a mailbox only.  My current clients have been provided my home-office address via a postcard that went out in November.  

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My office phone number is still 816-702-7788 but you may also text my business cell phone at 913-706-5727.  


*If you are a new client at my office, bring a paper copy of your last year’s return.  Please don't bring it on USB or on your laptop or on a CD.  If you don't have a paper copy, I   will create a secure portal for you and you may upload it there.  


Current driver's license for each adult on the tax return.  Social security cards for each dependent child.


*Plus: For Health insurance via the Healthcare Marketplace I'll need your 1095A.

        Please note:  If your health insurance is via the marketplace, I MUST have the 1095A to reconcile it on the tax return.

**For correct reporting of Stimulus payments, please bring the Letter 6475 issued by the White House.  

**If you received Advance Child Tax Credit payments, bring Form 6419


*Forms W-2 for all jobs you (and your spouse) had during the year. 

*The exact amount of the third Stimulus payment you received in (or after) March 2021. It is not taxable income but needs to be reconciled.  I need the total amount for you/your spouse/any dependent children claimed on your tax return.  


* The exact amount of the Advanced Child Tax Credit you received in 2021.  

*Forms W2-G if you or your spouse had gambling winnings.  

*Forms 1099INT reporting interest income on bank accounts or other interest-earning investments.

*Forms 1099DIV reporting dividends from stock.  It doesn't matter if you received or reinvested the dividends; they are reportable.

*Forms 1099R reporting distributions & rollovers from retirement accounts.   Even if you put the money back within 60 days, it has to be shown on the tax return.

*Form 1099G reporting tax refunds or unemployment.  For tax year 2020, the 1099G is important since so many had taxable COVID unemployment.


Forms 1099SSA reporting Social Security distributions.  They may not be taxable but have to be reported.

*Any other Forms 1099 that you received (1099OID, 1099MISC, 1099PATR etc)


*If you have children who you have claimed on previous tax returns, I need their dates of birth, and the amount you paid for childcare (if any).



*I will also need the name/address and taxpayer ID (or EIN) for your childcare provider.


*If you adopted a child, need the expenses/date & amount; date of adoption. If Special Needs, need the certification.


*If you qualify for the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit, I need proof your child(ren) lived with you.


*If you had a baby during the year, I need the new baby’s name, social security card and date of birth.


*If a family member died during the year, I'll need the date of death; if it was your spouse, I will need a death certificate (which I will copy and return to you).


*If you have a dependent who is not your child, dates the person lived with you, relationship and the amount of income, if any, the person made.


*If you invested in a partnership or are a beneficiary of a trust, please bring the K1.  This may not be issued until the end of March.


*Forms 1098 from mortgage company for any mortgages you have, including equity lines of credit.


*The amount you paid in property taxes on vehicles/boats/motorcycles/campers


*The amount you paid in sales tax on any big-ticket items you bought in 2018 (cars, boats, etc)


*The amount of cash you donated to churches and other charities.


*The value of clothing or other property you donated to Goodwill or other charities.


*If you are self-employed, I need a breakdown of all the expenses that you had (advertising, supplies, mileage, etc) as well as the total income.   Your expenses may exceed your income in the early years.  I'll still need the total of the money you made and will reconcile the expenses against the income.


*If you have rental property, the amount you received in rent, plus a list of all expenses incurred (repairs, taxes, insurance, mortgage interest, taxes paid, property management, etc)


*Other things you may have:  Student loan interest (1098E), education expenses (form 1098T), debt forgiveness (1099A or 1099C).


*If you worked in other states that are not reflected on your W2 or 1099MISC, it is incumbent upon you to let me know of your filing responsibility.  If I don't know you were     working in another state or city with filing obligations, I will be unaware of your filing responsibility.


*Letters you have received from the IRS or state regarding untended to issues.


This list is not inclusive. There may be other items needed after interviewing you.

If you have a general question, call the office and leave me a message.  816-702-7788 

If you need information from me, send an email at or text me at 913-706-5727.

Your original documents:


All documentation you provide to me will be scanned for my files and originals returned to you.