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What to bring to your tax appointment:

PLEASE NOTE:  My office is moving.  In September 2019,  I have relocated to 614 SE 4th Street, Suite 203, Lee's Summit Missouri 64063.

My office phone number is now913-706-5727.   You may call or text this number but please provide your name if you text.


*If you are a new client at my office, bring a paper copy of your last year’s return.  Please don't bring it on USB or on your laptop or on a CD.  If you don't have a paper copy, I   will create a secure portal for you and you may upload it there.  

*Plus: For Health insurance, I'll need your 1095A or 1095B or 1095C.

        Please note:  If your health insurance is via the marketplace, I MUST have the 1095A to reconcile it on the tax return.

*Forms W-2 for all jobs you (and your spouse) had during the year 
*Forms W2-G if you or your spouse had gambling winnings 
*Forms 1099INT reporting interest income on bank accounts or other interest-earning investments.
*Forms 1099DIV reporting dividends from stock.  It doesn't matter if you received or reinvested the dividends; they are reportable.
*Forms 1099R reporting distributions & rollovers from retirement accounts.   Even if you put the money back within 60 days, it has to be shown on the tax return.
*Form 1099G reporting tax refunds or unemployment Forms 1099SSA reporting Social Security distributions.  They may not be taxable but have to be shown.
*Any other Forms 1099 that you received (1099OID, 1099MISC, 1099PATR etc)

*If you have children who you have claimed on previous tax returns, I need their dates of birth, and the amount you paid for childcare (if any).

*If you adopted a child, need the expenses/date & amount; date of adoption. If Special Needs, need the certification.

*If you qualify for the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit, I need proof your child(ren) live with you.

*I will also need the name/address and taxpayer ID for your childcare provider.

*If you had a baby during the year, I need the new baby’s name, social security card and date of birth.

*If a family member died during the year, I'll need the date of death; if it was your spouse, I will need a death certificate (which I will copy and return to you).

*If you have a dependent who is not your child, dates the person lived with you, relationship and the amount of income the person made.

*If you invested in a partnership or are a beneficiary of a trust, please bring the K1.  This may not be issued until the end of March.

*Forms 1098 from mortgage company for any mortgages you have, including equity lines of credit.

*The amount you paid in property taxes on vehicles/boats/motorcycles/campers

*The amount you paid in sales tax on any big-ticket items you bought in 2018 (cars, boats, etc)

*The amount of cash you donated to churches and other charities.

*The value of clothing or other property you donated to Goodwill or other charities.

*If you are self-employed, I need a breakdown of all the expenses that you had (advertising, supplies, mileage, etc) as well as the total income.

*If you have rental property, the amount you received in rent, plus a list of all expenses incurred (repairs, taxes, insurance, mortgage interest, taxes paid, property management, etc)

*Other things you may have:  Student loan interest (1098E), education expenses (form 1098T), debt forgiveness (1099A or 1099C).

*If you worked in other states that are not reflected on your W2 or 1099MISC, it is incumbent upon you to let me know of your filing responsibility.  If I don't know you were     working in another state or city with filing obligations, I will be unaware of your filing responsibility.

*Letters you have received from the IRS or state regarding untended to issues.

This list is not inclusive. There may be other items needed after interviewing you.

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If you have a general question, call the office and talk to my assistant.  If you need information from me, send an email at

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All documentation you provide to me will be scanned for my files and originals returned to you.